Addhere in Schools



Identify and refer children who really need it – teachers are not trained in identifying neurodevelopment disorders, nor should they be expected to do so. Addhere intends to identify disorders and distribute learning plans to everyone much quicker.


Organize activities for each child based on their individual needs – As teachers already have pedagogical activities to create, let the adaptations we provide facilitate these needs.


Promote the individual and educational growth of all students – nothing is more rewarding for a teacher than a child or teenager reaching their potential. We want to help and can.


The trained and supported teacher with a child with neurodevelopmental disorder under their care is far more able to assist in their development. Choose pedagogical strategies that facilitate growth – some methodologies are more effective in enabling everyone to achieve growth.


Plan activities in a prepared and supported way. This is the final set: Combine neuroscience and pedagogy to get results!

Be part of the Platform as Beta Tester:

Register in the form below and participate as a user in the testing phase of the Addhere Platform. You will help improve the platform and will also be part of the first group of schools to test the tool. After registering, confirm your participation by e-mail that you will receive automatically.