Health Professionals – ADDHERE


Many health professionals are not trained to identify neurodevelopmental disorders, if they cannot be recognised then they cannot be treated appropriately. With Addhere we can qualify opinions with minimal training and improve everyone’s reach.


Provide better clarification for all contexts of the individual (health, home, work, school). Lives of those who have a neurodevelopmental disorder are affected by functional impacts in different sectors of life, such as in various environments: home, work and school.


Assist in the day-to-day management of the individual with ADHD. Keeping people functioning well in their day-to-day routine, only those with neurodevelopmental disorders know how precious this is.


Settle comorbidities and complications. Those who had childhood diagnoses of neurodevelopmental disorders are more likely to have psychiatric illnesses in adult life. Does it always have to be this way?


While it's difficult to keep up with the literature, we have a dedicated team to give you a qualified opinion and make your life and everyone else's life easier.

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