Multidisciplinary Team

We are a collective involved in cultivating mental capital. We are doctors, engineers, lawyers, programmers, speech therapists, psychologists, communicators, influencers and we are united to create the best conditions for the development of the child and adult whose path has been modified by the neurodevelopment disorder.

We know that neurodevelopment disorders promote changes in trajectory and exhaust the strengths of the families, individuals and their surroundings. At the same time, today we have access to information and possibility to resolve impacts and diferences in practical, objective and efficient ways. Our commitment is the constant search for improvement. 

Families consider themselves lost, doctors often do not identify the disorders, schools have not been trained about this and definitely people do not need to be impacted by the difference. We will start posting knowledge, studies from us and others that can help to find markers, paths and facilitate lives. We hope you enjoy!

Know our team

Creators / ADDHERE Team


Senior Developer | CEO

Dr Marco

ADHD Specialist Teacher | MD

Co-Founders / Team


Education Management | CMO


Security and Blockchain Specialist | DPO


Business Specialist | Fundraising


Specialist in M&A Law | CLO

Scientific Partnership with UFMG


Teacher of Innovation in Health | MD


ADHD Specialist Doctor | MD


Teacher in Neurosciense | Psychologist


Biochemical | PhD Neurochemistry

ADDHERE and UFMG have entered into a collaboration agreement aiming to create new intellectual property. It is important to emphasize that both are independent institutions with distinct characteristics: ADDHERE is a private company, while UFMG is a federal public university.