The Addhere Platform uses the most modern Technologies to support
the diagnosis of ADHD. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithm is always improving
the models and increasing the accuracy of the results.
5% of world population has ADDH
Individuals with ADHD have school and work difficulties, difficulties in establishing relationships and even maintaining them. With ADDHERE, we can improve the ADHD diagnosis and ensure support for health professionals, parentes and schools.

Health Professionals

More accurate diagnosis, provide better clarification for all contexts of the individual (health, home, work, school).


Assist in conducting the day-by-day life of a individual with ADHD; resolve comorbidities and complications, have more resolution, give a qualified opinion.

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Refer the children who really neet it, organize the activities for each child, respecting their particularities.


Promote the individual and educational growth of all students, have more qualified teachers for the care of all, choose pedagogical strategies that include the growth of all, plan activities in a prepared and supported way.

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Have a reliable source of information, explain to the school the basic steps to improve the child’s learning process, better understanding what it means to have ADHD and how to deal with the child.

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Ability to prepare to promote appropriate answers to the child’s development, feel supported by a traditional and scientifically committed team, have more elements to train the world about the child.

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We use technology blockchain to protect all data and access to medical reports, ensuring privacy, security and reliability on the platform.

100% cloud

All information, calculations and processing is done in the Cloud, highly encrypted to ensure security and stability in the use of the platform.


Our platform has models and algorithms for data interpretation that help diagnosis and increase the results accuracy.


The patient has complete autonomy over access to his information and only he can authorize or deny the use of his data.

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