Addhere for the Parents


Scientific Data

Having your own secure source of information – this seems like a small detail, but it’s not when you have a child diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorder. We find many different opinions, here we search consistency and scientific solidity. Our oppinion will not always be like that of someone who consulted, but it will always be based on the scientific literature of the area.



You will better understand what it means to have ADHD and how to deal with it. We are not here to promote the distribution of blame or responsability, but we are here to mimic the therapeutic success of our ambulatories and clinics. We want to distribute what’s neuroscience and what we can improve. Let’s go?


We will provide more elements to train the world about your child. Our experience says that parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders are almost always great at multiplying information about caring for their children. With the Addhere you will have continuous access to pedagogical contente and updated literature. 

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